The “In The Box” photo session is our new way of telling your families story. Photographed in one single box everyone gets a chance to fill the space in a unique way. The results are a storyboard of life. Everyone has fun and our large wall canvases are what people are talking about when they visit our clients homes.

Purely by nature of how the images are taken they are truly bespoke and every singe ‘Box’ portrait is unique.

During your session you will also have the opportunity to have a selection of fun and contemporary images created to, both as groups and individual formats. We have changing facilities so please feel free to bring a change of clothing.

It is easy to make a booking with Atlas Images, just call us on (01983) 244844.


Studio portraiture has changed over the 25 years that we have been photographing however families and children have not changed. Children and families love to have fun, our sessions are always fun and the images reflect this.

New for 2013 “In the Box”